What our students have to say.....

To eat is one thing... To dine quite another...


Sandina taught this simple farm girl some very sophisticated recipes - love her cooking classes! Her catering services exceed my expectations (and my guests, friends and clients) every time!  Parents 50th Anniversary Cake - the best!!
-Wendy W.

Sandina is fabulous!  You will not be disappointed.

- Amy V.

Sandina is absolutely phenomenal!  You won't find a more likeable person and her cooking is extremely delicious.  Do you want to enjoy food the way it's meant to be made and that you would normally pay 10x the money for? Get together for a night with the Mrs. and you won't be disappointed.

-Mark C.

Exceptional, greatly recommended.

-Natacha B.

Absolutely fabulous! No one can cook like Sandina!

- Chris M.